Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our Dying & Christ's Returning


"His body he leaves on this earth, but his soul goes to heaven.

This departure represents the culmination of earthly Christian life.  Picture it this way: when a man first comes to Christ he has one foot in heaven, one foot left on eath.  But then, for the rest of his life, he slowly shifts his spiritual weight.  With the passing of time he grows in love for God, even as he grows nearer to the day when he will enter the presence of God.  Finally, in death, he lifts his back foot from earth entirely and steps fully into the world above.  At last he is both of heaven...and in it too.

This truth transforms the prospect of death for all who are in Christ.

The experience of those in heaven now is what theologians have traditionally referred to as 'the intermediate state.'


I. Christ will give believers imperishable, glorious, powerful bodies.
II. Christ will judge the world.
III. Christ will renew the world.
Now the last one was a new thought for me.  The author points us to Ps. 2:8, Matt. 5:5, Isa. 65:17, and Rev. 5:10 as proof that this world will not be destoyed and eliminated, but dramatically renewed. 

"Just as my resurrection body will be my body raised, so will the new world be this world glorified.  Lo and behold, the promised 'new earth' will turn out to be this earth made new."

What do we say when a friend gives us a tour of his impressively remodelled home?  'I love what you've done with the place.'  How much more will we say that -- or at least think that, for the beauty of the sight may leave us speechless -- when we first behold on that great daywhat this world was always meant to be.

We will live and serve fruitfully on solid ground.  Life without fear, labor without frustration... The ground will no longer groan but rejoice, and we will rejoice with it."

I don't know about you, but that EXCITES me, friend! 

Now I don't think I'll write anymore about this book.  I've written enough, I suppose.  But I would highly recommend you pick up a copy and test it with Scripture.  It has changed my outlook in many ways, and the truths within give me greater hope and fill me with greater joy. 

This earth will be ours, dear brother or sister in Christ!  It will ours to reign with Him.  It will be ours renewed.  We will rejoice... God's people... and the earth!  And Jesus' prayer will be answered in full:

"Thy kingdom come. thy will be done, on Earth, as it is in heaven."

The Father always answers the Son's prayers, because the Son always prays according to the Father's will.

Think about it.

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