Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Yawning... But Unprotected

A 4D ultrasound scan shows a foetus yawning in the womb during a study by Durham and Lancaster Universities and released in Durham, northern England
4D scans show fetuses yawn in the womb


  • In the United States, on average one out of five of these babies will die before seeing light.  

  • The rate of abortions is highest among blacks (which would bring joy to Planned Parenthood's founder), and inside Democrat controlled states (NY, CA) and population centers (NYC, LA).  These minorities (along with the help of other Democrat Party supporters) continually help re-elect government leaders who promote the legalization and business of the murder of their ownSuch is the depravity of the human heart.

  • The majority of abortions are performed by curettage.  Please read the post below about this vile procedure.

  • I believe most people (including Republicans) are more worried about the economy... because our nation's god is materialism... and Dagon is falling on his face.

    *See also: CDC Abortion Surveillance - United States, 2009