Sunday, May 27, 2012

Is God a "Respecter of Persons" If We Are Chosen?

Controversy is sometimes necessary. 
"The only way to avoid all controversy would be to consider nothing we believe important enough to defend and no truth too costly to compromise" (R. Albert Mohler, Jr. - Tabletalk, May 2012).
I have had several opportunities to engage friends and family members in conversations regarding the doctrine of election, which is by it's nature, controversial.  (These doctrines are opposed to the natural mind, which is at enmity with God.) 

Sadly, I am afraid I have not always adorned the doctrines of grace (which includes the doctrine of election) with the love and humility that I should have... especially when I was in my "cage stage" - "that period of time during which a new convert to Reformed theology should be locked up in a cage for his own good and the good of others around him" (Keith A. Mathison).

But more than once, those who argue against God's sovereign grace in salvation suggest that the doctrine makes God a "respecter of persons."  The Bible says in many places that God is NOT a "respecter of  persons," so this issue must be addressed.

This is one of the best explanations I have heard:

Why Arminian Conditional Election Makes God a Respecter of Persons
By John Hendryx

I love all my brothers and sisters in Christ, but some of you are clearly robbing God of His glory by believing that you had some part in your being born again.  If this is your belief (and it used to be mine), then I appeal to you to read this article... search God's Word... pray... and know the truth.

Grace and Peace!

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