Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The New "Leader of the Free World"

The Prime Minister of Israel gave a historical speech this week before a joint session of Congress which was both inspiring and alarming.

Benjamin Netanyahu is a leader. He speaks with moral clarity and manly boldness. I heard Mark Levin call him "the new leader of the free world," and regrettably I agree. Whittle also made the point:

Our current President pursues, among other things, a foreign policy of appeasement that weakens the security and strength of our nation. I believe this is intentional. He has proven himself lawless and untrustworthy. Now his administration is engaging in negotiations with a tyrannical government which is the world's leading sponsor of terror and is equally untrustworthy.

The actors are in place. The circus is underway. The music is playing.

I hope the negotiations crumble and dissolve. But I believe both sides will ultimately get what they want. And I fear for our nation, and the nation of Israel.

Our world, as we know it, is crumbling before our eyes. Godlessness is prevalent. Christians are mocked, persecuted, raped, enslaved, and executed. And sadly within the borders of the two beacons of hope... the USA and Israel... the most innocent among us are a slain by the hundreds of thousands - legalized infanticide - often paid for by our taxpayer money. But I digress.

I praise God for leaders like Netanyahu. And I pray for our nations. May God grant repentance, forgiveness, and reformation.

Here is the speech. I hope you will watch it: