Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Few Saved

“I will go as far as anyone in exalting God’s mercy in Christ, but I cannot shut my eyes against the fact that this mercy profits no man so long as it is wilfully refused.

I see nothing wanting, on God’s part, for man’s salvation. I see room in heaven for the chief of sinners. I see willingness in Christ to receive the most ungodly. I see power in the Holy Ghost to renew the most ungodly.

But I see, on the other hand, desperate unbelief in man: he will not believe what God tells him in the Bible. I see desperate pride in man: he will not bow his heart to receive the Gospel as a little child. I see desperate sloth in man: he will not take the trouble to arise and call upon God. I see desperate worldliness in man: he will not loose his hold on the poor perishable things of time, and consider eternity.

In short, I see the words of our Lord continually verified: 'Ye will not come unto Me, that ye might have life' (John 5:40), and therefore I am driven to the sorrowful conclusion that few are likely to be saved.”

Excerpt From: Ryle, J. C. “Old Paths.” iBooks. 
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