Thursday, December 19, 2013

Support and Prayer for Phil Robertson

I support my brother in Christ, Phil Robertson. We share the same faith, the same views on sin, and the same simple southern logic.

Homosexuality is indeed illogical. But like he says, so is all sin.

Why would one sin and rebel against their gracious Creator? The Bible explains the answer. We all have a sin nature, inherited from our fathers.

And thus, we all need Jesus Christ... whose precious blood is the only thing that can wash away a rebel's sin, and whose perfect righteousness imputed to a man gives him peace with God his Maker.

Once Christ is received through repentant faith, the Holy Spirit continues the work within to conform the elect into His image... to make us who we are... in Christ! But the sanctifying work will only be complete when we are glorified in heaven... when we see Him "as He is." Until then, we are "a work in progress," but perfect in God's sight.

This is the Christian message. This is the Gospel. This is THE Good News. God saves sinners!

But how can sin be known apart from the law. If we are afraid to define sin, how will the lost see a need for Jesus?

We Christians must not shy away from lovingly but boldly calling sin what it is.

"The business of Christianity ultimately is not simply to make us feel happier or even to make us live a better life... It is to reconcile us to God!"
- Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones

I am praying for Phil and his whole family, as they face the onslaught of Satan and a rebellious world that lies in darkness under his power. May they stand strong in the faith, even if it means losing everything else.

Friday, December 13, 2013

327,166 Little Souls

Dr. George Grant notes that the numbers have just been released in their annual report, and the folks at Planned Parenthood were responsible for performing 327,166 murders in 2012.

These 327,166 babies only lived inside their mothers for a few days, maybe a few weeks. Their mothers did not want them, and so their lives were taken for a little money.

Planned Parenthood received taxpayer funding at a rate of $1.5 million per day. That's right... $1.5 million each day!

This is our government. This is our money. And these babies will never in this life get to see a sunrise in the morning, a flower in full bloom, a thunderstorm in all it's power... or the warmth of their mother's kiss.

Lastly, for every one adoption referral they made, Planned Parenthood performed 149 abortions.

Lord, have mercy on us.