Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Repentant Faith???

The two great graces essential to a saint in this
life, are faith and repentance. These are the two
wings by which he flies to heaven...

Moist tears of repentance dry up sin—and quench
the wrath of God. Repentance is the nourisher of
piety—and the procurer of mercy.

- Thomas Watson

Certainly all who are orthodox Christians will understand the importance of having repentant faith -- for there are none who are children of God without it.  Thus, the name of my blog stresses the importance of both sides of the coin which must rest in the palm of the justified believer.

The great saving faith which the Holy Spirit will wrought in the heart of every one of God's elect will certainly produce repentance, because one who trusts and follows his LORD can no longer follow after their lusts and passions and desires of the flesh.  And because of the power of the remaining flesh, daily repentance is required as we continually look to the One who sought us and bought us with His redeeming blood.  When one is found in Christ, repentant faith is their mark.

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