Sunday, August 14, 2016

5 Steps to Political Epiphany

First off... My apologies for not posting anything for months! I am going to blame it on a combination of laziness and depression.

The latter excuse is not the clinical type. It is definitely situational, given the state of our country and this presidential election cycle.

I had poured my heart and soul into helping Senator Ted Cruz win the GOP nomination, including driving nearly 1700 miles round-trip to Iowa to try to help him win that state's caucus. He won. But in the end, the Hand of Providence worked things out differently than what I had hoped nation-wide.

So I finally shook off my mild indolence and sadness, and I finally came across something that I deemed worthy enough to deserve a new post!

"5 Steps to Political Epiphany"

The word "epiphany" is defined as "a moment in which you suddenly see or understand something in a new or very clear way." If you have about an hour to kill, the series of short animated videos from Rev. Cary K. Gordon would most likely be well worth your time.

Grab a cup of coffee and a comfy chair, click the link below, and I think you will be entertained... enlightened... and empowered! Do not let anyone tell you that your vote "will be wasted" if you vote for this candidate or that candidate. Let God guide your conscience.

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