Friday, November 14, 2014

Love and Hell

“I have no sympathy with those who prophesy nothing but peace, and keep back from men the awful fact, that they may lose their souls.

...I am one of those old-fashioned ministers who believe the whole Bible, and everything that it contains. I can find no Scriptural foundation for that smooth-spoken theology, which pleases so many in these days, and according to which everybody will get to heaven at last.

...I believe that there is a real devil. I believe that there is a real hell. I believe that it is not charity to keep back from men that they may be lost.

...Charity! shall I call it? If you saw a brother drinking poison, would you hold your peace?

...Charity! shall I call it? If you saw a blind man tottering towards a precipice, would you not cry out “Stop”?

...Away with such false notions of charity! Let us not slander that blessed grace, by using its name in a false sense.

...It is the highest charity to bring the whole truth before men. It is real charity to warn them plainly when they are in danger."

"It is charity to impress upon them, that they may lose their own souls for ever in hell."

Excerpt From: Ryle, J. C. “Old Paths.” iBooks. 
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