Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Review (Part 8 of 8)

"O Timothy, guard the deposit entrusted to you. Avoid the irreverent babble and contradictions of what is falsely called "knowledge," for by professing it some have swerved from the faith. Grace be with you."
- 1 Timothy 6:20,21

This is the closing of the review of John Walton's THE LOST WORLD OF GENESIS 1. My hope is that the viewer of this blog will take the time to read all eight parts. It should take one less than twenty minutes. Feedback would be much appreciated.

I am a simple man. I have a simple faith. I've never been to a seminary. But I read my Bible every day, and completely through every year (going on eight times now, I think). I say this not to boast, but to make clear that these are not simply my "personal opinions," nor do I believe it to be of my own accord. I study. I meditate. I pray. I listen to lots of sermons, and I read lots of old authors and old books - but also some new. The LORD has given me a passion to know Him. The spirit of Christ dwells in me by grace through faith, and I believe God. And, "if I am not convinced by proof from the Holy Scripture, or by cogent reason" (Martin Luther), I will stand here upon the old gospel, the old truth, the old faith - that never ever grows old.

Therefore, after much study and finding so many problems with Walton's view, and being prayerfully sensitive to what I believe to be the leading of the Holy Spirit, I must reject Walton's teaching as false - as from the evil one - and heed the clear words of my Lord...

2 Timothy 3:14,15 
"But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have firmly believed, knowing from whom you learned it and how from childhood you have been acquainted with the sacred writings, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus."

James 1:21
"Therefore put away all filthiness and rampant wickedness and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls."

Lastly, while this topic is of vital importance, for it concerns the gospel, there is the possibility of becoming preoccupied with debating what has already happened. I believe it would be more profitable for us to lay our hands on our mouths and humbly receive the historical narrative by faith. For indeed, where were we when the Almighty laid the foundation of the earth? Let us simply trust and obey, and heed the words of our Master: "Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest" (John 4:25).

I hope this was helpful. May God protect the reader from any error proclaimed herein. The LORD is faithful and has promised to guide His children "into all truth" (John 16:13). Let us trust Him as we pray for one another.

As all, when Adam sinned alone,
In his transgression died,
So by the righteousness of One,
Are sinners justified,
We to Thy merit, gracious Lord,
With humblest joy submit,
Again to Paradise restored,
In Thee alone complete.

Our souls His watchful love retrieves,
Nor lets them go astray,
His righteousness to us He gives,
And takes our sins away:
We claim salvation in His right,
Adopted and forgiv’n,
His merit is our robe of light,
His death the gate of Heav’n.


Your Servant in Christ,

Marty L. Smith

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