Monday, June 10, 2013

Losing Our Doctrine = Losing Our Country?

Commenting on Calvinism's influence on the American Revolution and the formation of our great nation, Loraine Boettner writes,

"History is eloquent in declaring that on a people's religion ever depends their freedom or their bondage. It is a matter of supreme importance what doctrines they believe, what principles they adopt: for these must serve as the basis upon which the superstructure of their lives and their government rests.

Calvinism was revolutionary.  It taught the natural equality of men, and its essential tendency was to destroy all distinctions of rank and all claims to superiority which rested upon wealth or vested privilege.

The liberty-loving soul of the Calvinist has made him a crusader against those artificial distinctions which raise some men above others.

Put the truth of the sovereignty of God into a man's mind and heart, and you put iron in his blood."

The apparent dissolution and rotting of our culture and our nation could have to blame (as its root cause) the failure of the churches in America to sustain sound doctrine... that prevalent Reformed doctrine about depraved man and an all-powerful God that drove families to courageously depart native lands and face great peril because they would, at all costs, have either liberty... or death.

About 150 years ago Calvinism and historical Christian teaching began to be replaced with the views of Arminianism and Semi-Pelagianism, which taste sweeter to the sinful human nature.

Around the same time our ancestors allowed the federal government to begin grow at an ever-increasing pace, and now "we the people" have seen it evolve into a monstrous Leviathan.
I believe there are many reasons for our problems, but I firmly believe this is one:
The "superstructure" has been crumbling.

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